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Reader's Advisory Training: Home

Welcome to Reader's Advisory Training! Here you'll find a collection of resources, tips, and strategies to help you as you get more comfortable with doing RA on and off the desk.

10 Rules of RA Service

*Courtesy of RA For All, complete with links!

1.   Betty Rosenberg: “Never apologize for your reading tastes.”
      -- A non-judgmental list of what you “should read"
2.   Suggest don’t Recommend
3.   Everyone reads a different version of the same book.
4.   Write down adjectives about what you read; plot you can find.
5.   Read widely (at least speed read widely)
     -- reading ABOUT books is just as important as reading the book
6.   Share what you read- with staff and patrons.
      -- booktalk every chance you get
7. Use resources
    --Think of your job as “leisure reading reference."
8. Working together is your MOST valuable resource
     --both across whole staff and with other libraries
9. Bridge the physical-virtual divide
      -- Get Booked podcast as a practice tool
      -- Participate in #AskaLibrarian
      -- reader profile exercise