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Tutoring and Coaching at WPL

Adult Literacy Tutoring Program
For any questions about the training process, please contact Josh Anderson at 847-775-2549 or

Step 1

View the orientation video and complete accompanying worksheet.

We'd love to clue you about the great work our Adult Literacy Tutoring Program does to help Lake County adults develop the basic skills they need to find success for themselves and their families.  Our orientation video below reflects the latest and greatest about our program and explains how you can help!  Please take the time to view this video and complete the associated worksheet. 

The video will instruct you to pause the video and use these links while you watch.

1. Orientation Worksheet (complete and bring to Training Kickoff)
2. Sample Tutoring Videos:

“Tutoring Techniques demo Guided Reading activity” Watch from 0:00 to 1:38

“First Meeting - ESL 1 Learner” Watch from 0:41 to 2:27

Are you excited to help now?  Click on to the next section, "Register for Training Kickoff" sign up!