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Learning Gym: Fluency Strategies: Repeated Reading

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Fluency Strategies: Repeated Reading


There are many different things you can focus on when you practice reading.  If you want to improve in one area specifically, you need to focus on it.  Repeated reading is a very simple strategy to help you focus on reading fluently.  You'll reread the same passage several times focusing only on making it sound as much like a public speech as you can.  Focusing like this will train your brain over time to help you read more quickly, smoothly and accurately.


Print this guide sheet.  Have a coach pick a passage from the Leveled Reading Materials List and follow the guide sheet to show you how the strategy works.


Keep picking new readings from the leveled reading materials.  Follow the steps on the guide sheet.



Since this unit is just about learning a routine for you to do when you want to focus on fluency, it doesn’t have a normal test.  Choose readings from the leveled reading materials to practice with.  Then, have the person who listens to you sign your reading passage or write a note saying that you did repeated reading with them.  When you have proof that you have done the strategy with 5 different readings, you can turn them in to get your certificate.