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National Autism Awareness Month: Home

A collection of materials pertaining to Autism and those on the spectrum.

National Autism Awareness Month

The Autism Job Club

The Autism Job Club: The Neurodiverse Workforce in the New Normal of Employment by Michael S. Bernick and Richard Holden

The Autism Job Club is a groundbreaking book for bringing adults with autism and other neuro-diverse conditions into the work world. This second edition of The Autism Job Club includes a new Foreword by Steve Silberman, author of the best-selling NeuroTribes, along with an Afterword by the authors. The Afterword covers the many employment initiatives for adults on the autism spectrum launched just in the three years since the book was originally published. The book has its basis in the autism job club that the authors have been part of in the San Francisco Bay Area, the job-creation and job-placement efforts the club has undertaken, and similar efforts throughout the United States. The authors review the high unemployment rates among adults with autism and other neuro- diverse conditions more than two decades after the ADA. Bernick and Holden also outline and explain six strategies that, taken together, will reshape employment for adults with autism: the art of the autism job coach; the autism advantage in technology employment; autism employment and the internet economy; autism employment and the practical/craft economy; autism and extra-governmental job networks; autism and public service employment. The Autism Job Club is a vital resource for adults with autism, their families, and advocates who are committed to neuro-diverse employment, not unemployment. But it also speaks to a far broader audience interested in how to carve out a place for themselves or others in an increasingly competitive job world.


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Autism Translated

Autism Translated by Toni Boucher

Do you care about a teen or adult on the spectrum but have a hard time understanding why they do what they do? Do you wish you could have a better connection and feel the frustration of wanting to help but don't know how?

Then this book is for you.

It was created with the support of hundreds of autistic individuals and their families.

They share their wisdom and insight about growing up autistic so you can learn from their experiences.

This book reveals 5 little-known keys to help you build a better relationship with your autistic child, parent, partner or student. Learn to:

1- Eliminate harmful stereotypes from your thinking

2- Identify and harness autistic strengths

3- Understand what it feels like to be autistic

4- Communicate more effectively

5- Create an authentic & healthy bond.

This book incorporates case studies and exercises for an interactive experience.


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Temple Talks about Autism and the Older Child

Temple Talks... About Autism and the Older Child by Dr. Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin's pocket guide to older kids and young adults with autism! Dr. Temple Grandin is a doctor of animal science, professor at Colorado State University, best-selling author, autism activist, and consultant on animal behavior. She also invented the "squeeze machine," a device to calm the sensory systems of those on the autism spectrum. The subject of the award-winning 2010 biographical film Temple Grandin, she was listed in Time magazine among the world's one hundred most influential people. Have you ever wanted to get Temple's ideas on growing up as an OLDER child with autism? Now you can. Here, in this handy reference book, Temple gives an overview of what it is like to grow up and get a career with autism, tells how she overcame certain issues, gives useful tips, then answers your questions in an easy to reference Q&A. This insightful book contains sections on:

• Building Social Skills

• Manners

• Eccentricity

• Video Games

• Thinking Types

• Education

• Bullying

• Employment Preparation

• Tips for Bosses

• And many others!


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The Way I See It

The Way I See It: A personal Look at Autism & Asperger's 2nd edition by Dr. Temple Grandin

In this innovative book, Dr. Temple Grandin gets down to the REAL issues of autism, the ones parents, teachers, and individuals on the spectrum face every day. Temple offers helpful do's and don'ts, practical strategies, and try-it-now tips, all based on her "insider" perspective and a great deal of research. These are just some of the specific topics Temple delves into: How and Why People with Autism Think Differently Economical Early Intervention Programs that Work How Sensory Sensitivities Affect Learning Behaviors Caused by a Disability vs. Just Bad Behaviors Teaching People with Autism to Live in an Unpredictable World Alternative Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine Employment Ideas for Adults with Autism And many more! This revised and expanded edition contains revisions based on the most current autism research, as well as 14 additional articles including: The Role of Genetics and Environmental Factors in Causing Autism Understanding the Mind of a Nonverbal Person with Autism Finding Mentors and Appropriate Colleges And many more!


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101 Tips for the Parents of Girls with Autism

101 Tips for the Parents of Girls with Autism by Tony Lyons and Kim Stagliano

The latest research shows that as many as 1 in 88 US children now has autism, and the number keeps rising. Parents of these children become full-time researchers, always looking for the latest information on doctors, education, and treatments, and parents of girls with autism face particularly unique challenges. After countless hours of study, Tony Lyons is sharing what he has learned. In 101 Tips for the Parents of Girls with Autism you will learn how to deal with troubling issues such as periods, birth control, and the risks of sexual abuse. Both Mom and Dad will learn which menstrual pads work best and why the ones with wings just are not them. And how exactly do you get your daughter to actually start using them? 101 Tips for the Parents of Girls with Autism has the answer. Other topics include:

• How to get the most useful evaluation
• Where to find other parents of girls with autism
• Getting insurance to cover treatments
• Coping with the unique social issues that girls face
• Legal issues and Medicaid pros and cons
• Maintaining a social life for both you and your daughter
• Handling marital stress and divorce
• Where to go on vacation
• And many more!

From what to do when you first suspect your daughter might have autism, to coping with the first diagnosis, following up with comprehensive evaluation, and pursuing education and treatment, 101 Tips for the Parents of Girls with Autism is the book that every parent of a girl with autism needs.


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Growing Up with Sensory Issues

Growing Up with Sensory Issues: Insider Tips from a Woman with Autism by Jennifer McIlwee Myers

No matter how high-functioning children with autism or Asperger's may be, they are going to have trouble with their sensory issues. Enter Jennifer McIlwee Myers, Aspie at Large! Co-author of the groundbreaking book Asperger's and Girls, Jennifer's personal experience with Asperger's Syndrome and SPD makes her perspective doubly insightful. Jennifer's straightforward and humorous delivery will keep caregivers turning the page for the next creative solution.


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Drawing Autism

Drawing Autism by Jill Mullin

Over the last decade autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has become an international topic of conversation, knowing no racial, ethnic, or social barriers. Behavior analyst and educator Jill Mullin has assembled a staggering array of work from established artists like Gregory Blackstock and Jessica Park to the unknown but no less talented. Their creations, coupled with artist interviews, comprise a fascinating and compelling book that serves to educate and inspire anyone who knows someone diagnosed with ASD. Mullin's introduction and the foreword by best-selling author Temple Grandin provide an overview of autism and advocate for nurturing the talents, artistic and otherwise, of autistic individuals.


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Autism Adulthood

Autism Adulthood by Susan Senator

One of the biggest fears of parents with children with autism is looming adulthood and all that it entails. In her new book Susan Senator takes the mystery out of adult life on the autism spectrum and conveys the positive message that even though autism adulthood is complicated and challenging, there are many ways to make it manageable and enjoyable. From her own son with autism, now twenty-five, she has learned "never say never."

Autism Adulthood features thirty interviews with autistic adults, their parents, caregivers, researchers, and professionals. Each vignette reveals firsthand a family's challenge, their circumstances, their thought processes, and their unique solutions and plans of action. Sharing the wisdom that emerges from parents' and self-advocates' experiences, Senator adds her own observations and conclusions based on her long-term experience with autism. Told in Senator's trademark warm, honest, and approachable style, Autism Adulthood paints a vivid and thought-provoking picture of many people grappling with grown-up, real-life autism. Senator's is the only book of its kind, as real families share their stories and their creative solutions.


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101 Tips for the Parents of Boys with Autism

101 Tips for the Parents of Boys with Autism by Ken Siri

The latest research shows that more than 1 in 50 boys in the U.S. now has autism, and the number keeps rising. Parents of these boys become full-time researchers, always looking for the latest information on doctors, education, and treatments. Following countless hours of study, Ken Siri is sharing what he has learned. In 101 Tips for the Parents of Boys with Autism you will learn about navigating puberty with your son including issues such as personal hygiene, inappropriate touching, and sex. Parents of boys with autism contend with many unique problems due to increases in size, strength, and aggression as the boy ages. How do you keep both yourself and your son safe when he is suddenly twice your size? 101 Tips for the Parents of Boys with Autism has the answer. Other topics include:
-Teaching your son about grooming, washing, and deodorant
-Choosing a school
-Getting insurance to cover treatments
-How to handle bullying
-Legal issues and Medicaid pros and cons
-Maintaining a social life for both you and your son
-Handling marital stress and divorce
-Where to go on vacation
-And many more!
From what to do when you first suspect your son might have autism to coping with the first diagnosis, following up with comprehensive evaluation, and pursuing education and treatment, 101 Tips for the Parents of Boys with Autism is the book that every parent of a boy with autism needs.


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I Overcame My Autism and All I Got Was This Lousy Anxiety Disorder

I Overcame My Autism and All I Got was this Lousy Anxiety Disorder by Sarah Kurchak

Sarah Kurchak is autistic. She hasn't let that get in the way of pursuing her dream to become a writer, or to find love, but she has let it get in the way of being in the same room with someone chewing food loudly, and of cleaning her bathroom sink. In I Overcame My Autism and All I Got Was This Lousy Anxiety Disorder, Kurchak examines the Byzantine steps she took to become "an autistic success story," how the process almost ruined her life and how she is now trying to recover.

Growing up undiagnosed in small-town Ontario in the eighties and nineties, Kurchak realized early that she was somehow different from her peers. She discovered an effective strategy to fend off bullying: she consciously altered nearly everything about herself-from her personality to her body language. She forced herself to wear the denim jeans that felt like being enclosed in a sandpaper iron maiden. Every day, she dragged herself through the door with an elevated pulse and a churning stomach, nearly crumbling under the effort of the performance. By the time she was finally diagnosed with autism at twenty-seven, she struggled with depression and anxiety largely caused by the same strategy she had mastered precisely. She came to wonder, were all those years of intensely pretending to be someone else really worth it?

Tackling everything from autism parenting culture to love, sex, alcohol, obsessions and professional pillow fighting, Kurchak's enlightening memoir challenges stereotypes and preconceptions about autism and considers what might really make the lives of autistic people healthier, happier and more fulfilling.


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We Walk

We Walk: Life with Severe Autism by Amy S. F. Lutz

In this collection of beautiful and raw essays, Amy S. F. Lutz writes openly about her experience―the positive and the negative―as the mother of a son with severe autism. Lutz's human emotion drives through each page and challenges commonly held ideas that define autism either as a disease or as neurodiversity. We Walk is inspired by questions raised by Lutz as a parent of a severely autistic, now twenty-one-year-old son: What is the place of the intellectually and developmentally disabled in society? What responsibilities do we, as citizens and human beings, owe one another? Who should decide for those who can't decide for themselves? What is the meaning of religion to someone with no abstract language? In exploring these questions, We Walk directly, but humanly examines social issues such as inclusion, religion, therapeutics, and friendship through the lens of severe autism.

In a world where the public perception of autism is largely shaped by the "quirky geniuses" featured on television shows like The Big Bang Theory and The Good Doctor, We Walk demands that we center our debates about this disorder on those who are most impacted by it.


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Hello, Stranger

Hello, Stranger: My Life on the Autism Spectrum by Barbara Moran

Barbara Moran has never known how to be good. As a child, she made strange noises, fidgeted constantly, and licked her lips until they cracked. She had "upsets" that embarrassed and frustrated her family. Worse still, she developed friendships with inanimate objects-everything from roller skates to tables to an antique refrigerator-and became obsessed with images of cathedrals. She was institutionalized, analyzed, and marginalized, cast aside as not trying hard enough to fit in. But after almost forty years, Barbara was given an answer for her inability to be like, and to connect with, other people: autism. Hello, Stranger is the story of a misunderstood life that serves as an eye-opening call for compassion. Bracingly honest, Barbara describes the profound loneliness of being abandoned and judged while also expressing her deep yearning simply to be loved and to give love. Hello, Stranger is a challenge to every reader to see the beauty and the humanity present in every individual.


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Autism in Heels

Autism in Heels: The Untold Story of a Female Life on the Spectrum by Jennifer Cook O'Toole

The face of autism is changing. And more often than we realize, that face is wearing lipstick.

Autism in Heels, an intimate memoir, reveals the woman inside one of autism's most prominent figures, Jennifer O'Toole. At the age of thirty-five, Jennifer was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, and for the first time in her life, things made sense. Now, Jennifer exposes the constant struggle between carefully crafted persona and authentic existence, editing the autism script with wit, candor, passion, and power. Her journey is one of reverse-self-discovery not only as an Aspie but--more importantly--as a thoroughly modern woman.

Beyond being a memoir, Autism in Heels is a love letter to all women. It's a conversation starter. A game changer. And a firsthand account of what it is to walk in Jennifer's shoes (especially those iconic red stilettos).

Whether it's bad perms or body image, sexuality or self-esteem, Jennifer's is as much a human journey as one on the spectrum. Because autism "looks a bit different in pink," most girls and women who fit the profile are not identified, facing years of avoidable anxiety, eating disorders, volatile relationships, self-harm, and stunted independence. Jennifer has been there, too. Autism in Heels takes that message to the mainstream.

From her own struggles and self-discovery, she has built an empire of empowerment, inspiring women the world over to realize they aren't mistakes. They are misunderstood miracles.


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Home - The Autism Program of Illinois - TAP

TAP: The Autism Program of Illinois

A network collaborating with universities and organizations operating 20 centers around the state of Illinois to provide services to children, families, educators, childcare providers, and medical professionals.


Autistic Self Advocacy Network | Nothing About Us Without Us

Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

A 501 charity dedicated to ensuring equal rights for those on the autism spectrum


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Autismo: guía para padres sobre el trastorno del espectro autista En español

Autismo: Guía para Padres Sobre el Trastorno del Espectro Autista en Español por Charlie Mason

Este libro es altamente informativo, fácil de leer, claro y un simple resumen de lo que los padres necesitan saber sobre el autismo, el trastorno del espectro autista, Asperger y los desafíos conductuales y emocionales que los acompañan.

La conciencia del autismo está en su punto más alto y los conceptos presentados en los trabajos principales se resumen y discuten aquí. Hay muchos desafíos involucrados en la crianza de un niño con autismo, incluidos los comportamientos obsesivos, la falta de habilidades sociales y la sensibilidad sensorial. Los padres pueden descubrir que el niño no se relaciona bien con los demás ni regula sus emociones.

Este libro ayudará a los padres a lidiar con estos problemas y le enseñará al niño nuevas alternativas positivas para vivir mejor. Se describen estrategias que muestran como el juego, el ejercicio, la interacción social y otras actividades pueden fortalecer el propósito y la conexión de un niño con el mundo. Jugar en el piso con el niño puede ser muy importante para el desarrollo.

En este libro, se explica por qué esto funciona y algunas sugerencias para comenzar a jugar con el niño con TEA.Hay muchas revistas académicas y artículos complicados con lenguaje técnico difícil de seguir y de analizar. Este libro está escrito para que sea accesible para los padres ocupados todos los días. Cada capítulo presenta información que se basa en lo siguiente.

La comprensión actual del trastorno del espectro autistaComprensión del niñoDiagnóstico y cómo tratarloInteracción sensorialHabilidades sociales y cómo aprenderlas.

Cómo enseñar a niños con autismoCómo entrenar a un niño con autismoAumentar las habilidades de afrontamiento de su hijoReducir el estrés de su hijoMaximizar la educación en el tiempo de juegoCómo administrar el tiempo y la programaciónInteractuar con otros


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El Manual Del Autismo

El Manual del Autismo por Jack E. George, M.A.

Informacion Facil De Asimilar, Vision, Perspectivas Y Estudios De Casos De Un Maestro De Educaci N E

Una vez que ha visto a un niño autístico es justo lo que usted ha visto - un individuo único. Jack E. George es un maestro veterano de Educación Especial quien ha enseñado a algunos de los niños autistas más difíciles a través de los sistemas escolares de California. El Manual del Autismo es un retrato de algunos de los niños con los que él ha trabajado y es expresado de una manera fácil de entender la información de los diagnósticos, tratando con los sistemas escolares americanos y consejos a los padres. Esta es una debe leer perderse familiares, amigos, estudiantes de colegio, maestros, trabajadores sociales o cualquier persona luchando para tratar de entender esta complicada incapacidad.


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