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The Chocolate Maker's Wife

The Chocolate Maker's Wife by Karen Brooks

Australian bestselling novelist Karen Brooks rewrites women back into history with this breathtaking novel set in 17th century London—a lush, fascinating story of the beautiful woman who is drawn into a world of riches, power, intrigue…and chocolate.

Damnation has never been so sweet...

Rosamund Tomkins, the illegitimate daughter of a nobleman, spends most of her young life in drudgery at a country inn. To her, the Restoration under Charles II, is but a distant threat as she works under the watchful eye of her brutal, abusive stepfather . . . until the day she is nearly run over by the coach of Sir Everard Blithman.

Sir Everard, a canny merchant, offers Rosamund an “opportunity like no other,” allowing her to escape into a very different life, becoming the linchpin that will drive the success of his fledgling business: a luxurious London chocolate house where wealthy and well-connected men come to see and be seen, to gossip and plot, while indulging in the sweet and heady drink.

Rosamund adapts and thrives in her new surroundings, quickly becoming the most talked-about woman in society, desired and respected in equal measure.

But Sir Everard’s plans for Rosamund and the chocolate house involve family secrets that span the Atlantic Ocean, and which have already brought death and dishonor to the Blithman name. Rosamund knows nothing of the mortal peril that comes with her new title, nor of the forces spinning a web of conspiracy buried in the past, until she meets a man whose return tightens their grip upon her, threatening to destroy everything she loves and damn her to a dire fate.

As she fights for her life and those she loves through the ravages of the Plague and London’s Great Fire, Rosamund’s breathtaking tale is one marked by cruelty and revenge; passion and redemption—and the sinfully sweet temptation of chocolate.

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The Chocolate Box

The Chocolate Box by Agatha Christie

In Agatha Christie's short story, "The Chocolate Box," Poirot describes a case he was unable to solve. Investigating the apparent poisoning of a popular Belgian civil servant, Poirot goes undercover to expose the murderer, only to discover the case is not so tidy as he thinks. But who could have wanted the man dead? This short story originally appeared in the May 23, 1923 issue of The Sketch magazine.

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The Chocolate Thief

The Chocolate Thief (book 1 of the Amour et Chocolate series) by Laura Florand


Breathtakingly beautiful, the City of Light seduces the senses, its cobbled streets thrumming with possibility. For American Cade Corey, it's a dream come true, if only she can get one infuriating French chocolatier to sign on the dotted line. . .


Melting, yielding yet firm, exotic, its secrets are intimately known to Sylvain Marquis. But turn them over to a brash American waving a fistful of dollars? Jamais. Not unless there's something much more delectable on the table. . .

Stolen Pleasure

Whether confections taken from a locked shop or kisses in the dark, is there anything sweeter?

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Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake (book 1 of the Death by Chocolate Mysteries series) by Sarah Graves

Life just got a little sweeter in the island fishing village of Eastport, Maine. Jacobia "Jake" Tiptree and her best friend Ellie are opening a waterfront bake shop, The Chocolate Moose, where their tasty treats pair perfectly with the salty ocean breeze-and the scent of murder...

When Jake and Ellie, who've been through a lot together, decide to open a chocolate-themed bakery, they figure it'll be a piece of cake. With Ellie's old family recipes luring in customers, they expect to make plenty of dough this Fourth of July weekend. Having family home for the holiday only sweetens the deal for Jake-until an early-season hurricane scuttles her plans. Worse, with her family scattered and stranded, health inspector Matt Muldoon is found murdered in the kitchen of The Chocolate Moose.

Ellie never made a secret of her distaste for Matt, who had been raining on their parade with bogus talk of health code violations. Now, with no alibi for the night of the murder, she's in a sticky situation-and it's up to Jake to catch the real killer and keep Ellie living in the land of the free.

Includes a Recipe!

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Flowers and Chocolate

Flowers and Chocolate by A.C. Katt

Justin Carter had the worst day ever one year ago on Valentine's Day and wants nothing to do with the holiday even though it's the busiest for the flower shop he manages and hopes to own someday. Exhausted, he stops in to the bar two doors down where he finds Rafe Santiago, a man who wants to become more than a willing ear.

Justin's ex show up with accusations and Justin turns to Rafe for comfort and support. Can Rafe cure the bad association that Justin has with Valentine's Day and make Justin his own?

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Criminal Confections

Criminal Confections (Book 1 of the Chocolate Whisperer Mystery series) by Colette London

Hayden Mundy Moore is an expert on everything chocolate, helping clients develop new products and revamp recipes until they're irresistible. But sometimes, a dash of murder finds its way into the mix. . .

Hayden Mundy Moore has bushwhacked through African jungles and haggled in exotic markets to find the finest cacao beans and the most flavorful blends. It's thrilling work but rarely dangerous--until a colleague turns up dead at the exclusive chocolate-themed Lemaître resort spa in San Francisco.

Adrienne Dowling's heart attack is blamed on an accidental overdose of the secret ingredient used in Lemaître Chocolates' new line. Hayden can't believe that conscientious Adrienne would make that mistake. And between chocolate body scrubs, cocoa mud baths, and a non-stop frenzy of chocolate-based treats, Hayden starts to suspect that she, not Adrienne, was the intended target. Finding a killer among the rival chocolatiers and potential suspects won't just be satisfying--it might save her life. . .

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Asking for Truffle

Asking for Truffle (book 1 of the Southern Chocolate Shop Mystery series) by Dorothy St. James

When Charity Penn receives a letter saying she won a trip to Camellia Beach, South Carolina complete with free cooking lessons at the town's seaside chocolate shop, The Chocolate Box, she's immediately skeptical. She never entered any contest. Her former prep school friend offers to look into the phony prize-only to end up drowned in a vat of chocolate. Struck with guilt, Penn heads to the southern beach town to investigate why he was killed. But as wary as she is of the locals, she finds herself lured into their eccentric vibe, letting her defenses melt away and even learning the art of crafting delicious chocolates. That is, until delight turns bittersweet as she steps straight into the midst of a deadly plot to destroy the seaside town. Now, only Penn's quick thinking and a mysterious cask of rare chocolate can save the town she's learning to love. Rich and decadent, Asking for Truffle, the first in a new cozy series by Dorothy St. James, is sure to be a delectable read for fans of JoAnna Carl and Joanne Fluke.

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Created by Sam B.

History of Chocolate in York

History of Chocolate in York by Paul Chrystal and Joe Dickinson

hink of York and you think of its Minster, mediaeval streets, the railways-and of confectionery, particularly chocolate. Kit Kat, Fruit Gums, All Gold, Butterkist have all been as much a part of British life as the York companies that made them: Rowntrees, Terrys and Cravens. This new book is the first to chart the history of chocolate and confectionery manufacture and marketing by York companies, from their origins in the eighteenth century, through to the recent takeovers by Nestl, Tangerine and Kraft. Revolutionary new products such as Easter eggs in the 1870s and chocolate assortments in the 1890s are covered along with such crucial turn of the century developments as milk chocolate and the chocolate bar. The significance to the industry of the Quaker movement is discussed along with an examination of the impact of the world wars and the intervening depression. The book is fully illustrated throughout, depicting all aspects of production, quality control, distribution and marketing: the packaging, design and branding developed by the companies broke new ground in branding and became an art form in itself with iconic images that still resonate today. The book is intended for anyone interested in social history and the history of the food industry in Britain, the Quaker movement and social reform and manufacturing and marketing history; residents of and visitors to York will find in the book a fascinating glimpse of an integral part of York's past, present and future.

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Chocolate: Sweet Science & Dark Secrets of the World's Favorite Treat by Kay Frydenborg

Chocolate explores many aspects of the much-loved cacao bean: cutting-edge genetic science; social and environmental considerations; history; and culture—providing a thought-provoking look into one of the world’s most popular foods through the centuries. It relates fun facts as well—like the story of the children who went on strike to protest a price hike on candy bars after World War II (and were accused of being Communist agents).
As a bonus, it also includes photos—and some sweet recipes.

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Cacao: Bean to Bar by Ma. Regina Francisco, Pacita Juan, and Josephine Ramos

Cacao: Bean to Bar is for anyone who would like to know more about the Philippine cacao industry, from the chocolate enthusiast, to the chocolate manufacturer, all the way to the would-be cacao farmer. It is laden with facts and a bit of history of the cacao industry in the country, and tells of how its champions are helping it gain world prominence once more. This book features a step-by-step procedure on how to start a cacao business (from planting the crop to harvesting, to making chocolate bars and other chocolate confections), food and beverage recipes, and a color folio.

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Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

Bean to Bar Chocolate by Megan Giller

Author Megan Giller invites fellow chocoholics on a fascinating journey through America’s craft chocolate revolution. Learn what to look for in a craft chocolate bar and how to successfully pair chocolate with coffee, beer, spirits, cheese, or bread. This comprehensive celebration of chocolate busts some popular myths (like “white chocolate isn’t chocolate”) and introduces you to more than a dozen of the hottest artisanal chocolate makers in the US today. You’ll get a taste for the chocolate-making process and understand how chocolate’s flavor depends on where the cacao was grown — then discover how to turn your artisanal bars into unexpected treats with 22 recipes from master chefs.

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Lonely Planet's Global Chocolate Tour

Lonely Planet's Global Chocolate Tour for Chocolate Lovers by Lonely Planet Food

Chock-full of the world's tastiest chocolate experiences, the latest book in our Global Tour series is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of cocoa lovers near and far. From South America to Europe to Australia, Lonely Planet's Global Chocolate Tour includes master chocolatiers and artisan producers, exotic cocoa plantations, and must-visit shops, plus illustrated spreads on the history, production, and science of chocolate making.

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Obroni and the Chocolate Factory

Obroni and the Chocolate Factory by Steven Wallace

An Unlikely Story of Globalization and Ghana's First Gourmet Chocolate Bar

What country makes the best chocolate? Most people would answer "Switzerland," or, if they're discerning, "Belgium" or "France." But, how many cocoa trees grow in Zurich? Lyon? Antwerp? Shouldn't the country known for growing the best cocoa beans be the one that makes the best chocolate? So, captivated by theories of international trade but with precious little knowledge of cocoa or chocolate, Steven Wallace set out to build the Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company in Ghana-a country renowned for its cocoa and where Wallace spent part of his youth-in a quest to produce the world's first export-ready, single-origin chocolate bar. What followed would be the true story of an obroni-white person-from Wisconsin taking on the ultimate entrepreneurial challenge. Written with sensitivity and devastating self-awareness, Obroni and the Chocolate Factory is Steven's chaotic, fascinating, and bemusing journey to create a successful international business that aspired to do a bit of good in the world. This book is at once a penetrating business memoir and a story about imagining globalism done right. Wallace's picaresque journey takes him to Ghana's residence for the head of state, to the Amsterdam offices of a secretive international cocoa conglomerate, and face-to-face with key figures in the sharp-elbowed world of global trade and geopolitics. Along the way he'll be forced to deal with bureaucratic roadblocks, a legacy of colonialism, corporate intrigue, inscrutable international politics, a Bond-esque villain nemesis, and constant uncertainty about whether he'll actually pull it off. This rollicking love letter to both Ghana and the world of business is a rare glimpse into the mind of an unusually literate and articulate entrepreneur.

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Cocoa and Chocolate

Cocoa and Chocolate by the Walter Baker & Company

Chocolate and chocolate recipes had become hugely popular in America in the late nineteenth century, and Baker’s Chocolate, later acquired by Kraft Foods, was one of the largest national brands in the country. This slim volume written by an author associated with the company discusses the history of chocolate products in the U.S., botanical information about the cocoa plant and method of processing the fruit, properties of different parts of the fruit and its value as a foodstuff according to eminent physicians, early use of cocoa in South America and Europe, the purity and healing qualities of cocoa-butter, and over 50 recipes for chocolate drinks, candies, cakes, tartlets, macaroons, wafers, jumbles, custards, creams, soufflés, meringues, pies, ice cream, caramels, syrups, and even wine.

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Chocolate Can Kill

Chocolate Can Kill (book 1 of the Emily Harris Mystery series) by Annie Acorn

Chocolate always makes things better, or so Emily Harris believes until even a dozen boxes of her favorite chocolates can't put her world back together again. Returning home from a trip to New Orleans, she is pushed down the airport's arrival escalator, and despite evidence to the contrary, she believes the push was deliberate. If this weren't enough her lawyer husband begins to act strangely, her oldest son brings a tramp home as his girlfriend, and two friends are murdered. Simple sayings from her childhood thread their way through her thoughts as she struggles to identify the common denominator, even as she is confined to her home, munching on chocolates. Filled with the warm southern ambiance and gentle humor that beloved, internationally best-selling author Annie Acorn has made famous, you won't want to miss this cozy cliffhanger!

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Dreaming in Chocolate

Dreaming in Chocolate by Susan Bishop Crispell

From Susan Bishop Crispell comes an audiobook as sweet as it is touching.With an endless supply of magical gifts and recipes from the hot chocolate café Penelope Dalton runs alongside her mother, she is able to give her daughter almost everything she wants. The one sticking point is Ella's latest request: get a dad. And not just any dad. Ella has her sights set on Noah Gregory, her biological father who's back in town for a few months – and as charming as ever.Noah broke Penelope's heart years ago, but now part of her wonders if she made the right decision to keep the truth of their daughter from him. The other, more practical part, is determined to protect Ella from the same heartbreak. Now Penelope must give in to her fate or face a future of regrets.Dreaming in Chocolate by Susan Bishop Crispell is a heartwarming audiobook about love, hot chocolate, and one little girl's wish for her mother.

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Dying for Chocolate

Dying for Chocolate (book 2 of the Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery series) by Diane Mott Davidson

Best-selling author Diane Mott Davidson changed the mystery novel forever with her culinary crime series. Filled with heart-stopping suspense, garnished with mouth-watering gourmet dishes, and sprinkled with wry humor, these delicious cases have captivated readers from coast to coast. In Dying for Chocolate, intrepid caterer Goldy Bear has moved to the posh Aspen Meadows Country Club, where her tasty concoctions are a hit with the wealthy residents. But when her boyfriend, a local analyst, perishes in a car accident, Goldy suspects that his death has all the ingredients of a homicide. If you have an appetite for murder as the main course, you will relish every word of Goldy's perilous adventure. Veteran narrator Barbara Rosenblat brilliantly conveys all the intelligence, wit and energy of this irrepressible mistress of menus.

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The Chocolate Affair

The Chocolate Affair by Imogene Nix

Secrets, hidden truths and demons will find their way... Especially when chocolate is involved.

When Scheherazade Chocolates is bought out by an off-world consortium, Deanna's livelihood and that of her employees' are jeopardized.

When that same consortium sends JD Ruan to assess the situation, Deanna is sure things can't get any worse...until they do.

What no one knows is JD's secret. He's a demon and not just any kind of demon. He's a pleasure demon.

Deanna has to come to terms with loss, second chances and pleasure demons before she can release herself to a future filled with so much more than she could ever imagine.

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The Chocolate Money

The Chocolate Money by Ashley Prentice Norton

Set in 1980s Chicago and on the East Coast, this electric debut chronicles the relationship between an impossibly rich chocolate heiress, Babs Ballentyne, and her sensitive and bookish young daughter, Bettina. Babs plays by no one's rules: naked Christmas cards, lavish theme parties with lewd installations at her Lake Shore Drive penthouse, nocturnal visits from her married lover, who "admires her centerfold" while his wife sleeps at their nearby home.Bettina wants nothing more than to win her mother's affection and approval, both of which prove elusive. When she escapes to an elite New Hampshire prep school, Bettina finds that her unorthodox upbringing makes it difficult to fit in with her peers, one of whom happens to be the son of Babs's lover. As she struggles to forge an identity apart from her mother, Bettina walks a fine line between self-preservation and self-destruction.As funny as it is scandalous, The Chocolate Money is Mommie Dearest, Prep, and 50 Shades of Gray all rolled into one entertaining listen.

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Murder By Chocolate

Murder by Chocolate (Book 1 of the Bite-Sized Bakery Cozy Mystery series) by Rosie A. Point

What's the worst that can go wrong on a date? Murder. Ruby Holmes wants to travel, sell delicious baked treats from her food truck, and never stay in one place for too long. Then the unexpected happens: upon arriving in Carmel Springs, Maine, she's asked on a date by a handsome fisherman. When Ruby goes to meet him, she finds his dead body instead. A murderer has struck, and the cunning detective who 'runs' the town names her as the prime suspect. Ruby can't run, but staying might mean falling victim herself. Can she solve the murder in time?

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Chocolate a la Murder

Chocolate a La Murder by Kirsten Weiss

Maddie gets rattled by a candy-coated murder

It's Wine and Chocolate Days in San Benedetto, and paranormal museum owner Maddie Kosloski has sweet dreams about her new Magic of Chocolate exhibit. Her latest attraction is a haunted Mexican whisk called a molinillo that rattles if someone lies. When Maddie visits the town's new boutique chocolate shop, she finds one of the owners dead and covered in melted cocoa.

Maddie's determined to catch the killer, and she soon uncovers deadly dealings in the world of artisan chocolate. But the deception surrounding those dealings are enough to make the molinillo rattle all night. Will Maddie have to temper her passion for sleuthing before a killer makes her fate a bittersweet one?

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Created by Sam B.

Chocolate: Basic Truffles with The Chocolate Man, Bill Fredericks

Chocolate: Basic Truffles with the Chocolate Man, Bill Fredericks by Jim Watt and Kelly Watt

Learn the basics of truffle making!  Learn about tempering as well as an introduction to ganaches, dipping & molding.  Make several varieties by utilizing fresh fruits, nuts, essential oils, herbs and spices, and liqueurs. Learn about quality chocolate and make great gifts at a fraction of the store bought cost and better quality. Learn to create: Java Truffles (java ganache dusted in cocoa powder), Neapolitan Bar Truffle (with lemon infused white chocolate covered by a blanket of milk chocolate), Grand Marnier (Grand Marnier ganache hand dipped in dark chocolate), Midnight Mint (molded midnight mint ganache in dark chocolate sea shells), Almond Bark, Blueberry Bark & Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. He also shows how to keep the working area sanitary so all the left over chocolate can be reused again.

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Chocolate: Colorful & Creative Molding Techniques with The Chocolate Man, Bill Fredericks

Chocolate: Colorful & Creative Molding Techniques with the Chocolate Man, Bill Fredericks by Jim Watt and Kelly Watt

The Chocolate Man Bill Fredericks follows up on his "Basic Truffles" program by teaching you more advanced molding & decorating techniques for coloring, flavoring, airbrushing, painting, texturizing & using transfer papers. This "Colorful & Creative Molding Techniques" program will be enjoyed more fully by having a good understanding of how to temper chocolate.  Bill has another program called "Tempering" to help you do just that! Learn to make coronets & lines, use white chocolate accents, cocoa butter color accents, air brush techniques, transfer sheet variations, molding of both white & dark chocolate, cleanup, ganache and finally sealing truffles. Be prepared to be inspired to create all sorts of innovative molded chocolates.

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Chocolate: Holiday Confections with The Chocolate Man, Bill Fredericks

Chocolate: Holiday Confections with the Chocolate Man, Bill Fredericks by Jim Watt and Kelly Watt

Learn how to have fun with chocolate throughout the year by creating all sorts of holiday confections, including: Decorative Boxes with lids, Winter Molds of Trees & Stars, Spring Molds of Bunnies & Eggs, Chocolate Pizzas (Fruit & Nut Bark), Peanut Butter Cups, Fudge, Fondant for hand dipped Cherry Cordials, Tuxedo Strawberries, Dark Chocolate Truffles, French Truffles, Lemon Ginger Truffle, Flowers & Leaves & Hazelnut Bars. The Chocolate Man Bill Fredericks also demonstrates effective fork & hand dipping techniques as well as tricks for dealing with molds. This 3.5 hour program that may seem epic but is chock full of useful skills, tips and techniques when working with chocolate!

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Chocolate: Tempering  with The Chocolate Man, Bill Fredericks

Chocolate: Tempering with the Chocolate Man, Bill Fredericks by Jim Watt and Kelly Watt

Tempering chocolate is important because it determines the final gloss, hardness, and contraction of the chocolate. So what is there to learn about tempering that could possibly take over 2 hours to show? When melted chocolate returns to solid form, the cocoa butter in the chocolate forms a crystal structure. The neat thing about cocoa butter is that the crystal structure it takes on depends on the temperature at which the crystals are formed. This program will take the mystery (and terror!) out of tempering chocolate. Chocolate Man Bill Fredericks starts off with an introduction to the cocoa pod, where it comes from, how it's harvested, processed, the resulting nibs in their purest form and what happens when the cocoa butter is extracted from the nibs. Next learn about several indirect methods for melting chocolate (double boiler, warming plate, microwave), whether the chocolate starts in blocks, discs, morsels, buttons, batons, chips, callets, rondos, pistoles, ribbons, chunks etc... it all needs to be melted before it can be gradually cooled to optimum working temperature. Above all, learn how to be in "good temper". No, this doesn't mean your mental state of mind, but getting the chocolate in the correct crystalline structure to accomplish what you want to do with it! Learn how to perform four different tempering methods... Slab, Seed, Stick Blender & Mycryo to create all sorts of detectible treats such as Tulip Cups, Fruit & Nut Bark, Dipped Apricots & Strawberries and Molded Chocolates. Bill explains the science behind chocolate and how temperature and other factors contribute to chocolate's texture and appearance during melting and cooling. He also shows how to keep the working area sanitary so all the left over chocolate can be reused again.

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Created by Sam B.

Crazy About Chocolate

Crazy About Chocolate by Krystina Castella

Everyone's crazy about chocolate—and this mouthwatering collection will satisfy even the most chocolate-mad fan! More than 150 sweet and savory recipes feature everything from candies and confections to crowd-pleasing cake pops and cupcakes to special holiday treats. Ring in the New Year with Chocolate Cream Cheese King Cake; savor a completely adult Chocolate Martini; dine on Cocoa-Spiced Turkey Chili with Chocolate Chip Corn Muffins. In addition to essential techniques and creative how-tos, bestselling author Castella explains how to prepare the perfectly decorated chocolate gift. Go rich and chewy with Black Forest Brownie Bites. Go creamy with Mocha Cappuccino Mousse. Go smoky with Apple-smoked Ribs with Cocoa Barbecue Sauce. Go crazy over delicious chocolate!

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Vegan Chocoholic

Vegan Chocoholic by Philip Hochuli

Simple, deliciously vegan chocolate recipes from a renowned Swiss chef and “rising star of the vegan cooking scene”—includes photos (Vegan Magazine).
If you’re a vegan who finds a day without chocolate unimaginable, Vegan Chocoholic is your guide to indulging in decadent chocolate desserts without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle. You’ll find everything from classics like Sachertorte or Chocolate Amaretti to new creations like Almond and Chocolate Panna Cotta with Berry Sauce, Chocolate Sushi, Chocolate Yoghurt and Chocolate Focaccia with Rosemary and Sea Salt.
Offering simple recipes for cakes, pies, cookies, and brownies, as well as chocolate spreads such as vegan Nutella, vegan chef Philip Holchuli demonstrates not only how to make your own rich, satisfying vegan chocolate, but how to use it in a multitude of dishes. Including a guide to gluten-free, sugar-free, and soy-free options, and using ingredients that can be found in any supermarket, VeganChocoholic is a must-have for home cooks, vegans, and chocolate lovers alike.

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Chocopologie by Fritz Knipschildt

A celebration of chocolate desserts from award-winning chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt. Rich, smooth, and intensely flavorful, chocolate inspires a passion like no other. In Chocopologie, master chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt takes chocolate to luscious new heights, incorporating it into recipes both classic and new, for ultra-indulgent desserts, heavenly truffles, easy anytime snacks, and so much more. Chocolate for breakfast? Why not! Sprinkled into granola, it's practically health food. Cocktail hour? Make it doubly wicked with chocolate martinis or spiked hot cocoa. Knipschildt's artisanal chocolates, sold at gourmet stores across the country, are famous for their playful and innovative flavor combinations, and that playfulness shines in this charming book. In addition to winning recipes for treats, including cookies and bars, cakes, candies, and other sweets, Knipschildt shares fascinating and helpful tips, advice, and information about chocolate, drawn from his personal experience and formal pastry training.

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Chocolate Holidays

Chocolate Holidays: Unforgettable Desserts for Every Season by Alice Medrich

Dramatic, seductive, playful, infinite in its variety, otherworldly in its taste: It's chocolate, and here's all the impetus you need to indulge your passion for it every day of the year. The beloved Alice Medrich, renowned for impeccable recipes that produce stellar results, has written Chocolate Holidays especially for people who love to bake but don't have enough hours in the day. Without compromising on flavor, texture, or ingredients, she pares down the preparation steps, teaches us resraint, and comes up with fifty amazing recipes, each a little jewel of elegance and simplicty.

An ideal year in chocolate might start with a New Year's brunch starring Chocolate Blini with Berry Caviar. Then there are Valentine's Day chocolate scones and St. Patrick's Day Irish Coffee Chocolate Mousse. And of course any "holiday" your imagination can conjure up is a perfect reason to indulge: perhaps a decadently rich hot chocolate served in demitasse portions to exorcise those end-of-February blues.

Spring might whisper chocolate Giant Krispy Easter Treats or a Passover Chocolate Nut Sponge Torte, or white chocolate-glazed Apricot Orange Cupcakes for a wedding shower. Summer suggests fruit and ice cream desserts such as the Independence Day red, white, and blue sundaes, followed by autumn's pies and tarts laden with chocolate and nuts. And no matter what you've been putting on the table for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays past, it will be out-chocolated by Alice's Chocolate Cranberry Pudding and her Chocolate Hazelnut Roulade—both unequivocally year-end musts.

In Chocolate Holidays, Medrich unlocks the secrets of our favorite sweet, offering chocolate desserts for every season, for every reason.

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The Gourmet's Guide to Cooking with Chocolate

The Gourmet's Guide to Cooking with Chocolate by Dwayne Ridgaway

Building on the concept of The Gourmet's Guide to Cooking with Wine and The Gourmet's Guide to Cooking with Beer, this fully illustrated book shows how to use chocolate as the ultimate convenience ingredient that will add big impact to your cooking and baking repertoire. Why? Chocolate is versatile. It can be used with many different types of food. Use it to add variety and flavor to ordinary dishes. Add chocolate and you instantly add class to the most humble fare. With more than 150 recipes for savory dishes and inspired desserts-all featuring chocolate-you'll never look at a candy bar the same way again.

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Auberge du Chocolate

Auberge du Chocolat: The Secrets of Fine Chocolate Making by Ian Scott and Anne Scott

Chocolate - irresistible to so many of us - has gone upmarket, with chocolate shops full of the most beautiful confections. Luckily, creating mouth-watering confections at home no longer requires hours of training and this book will teach you all the inside tips, techniques and methods for making chocolates like a professional chocolatier. Using ingredients such as strawberries and cream and espresso, to the more adventurous flavor combinations such as jasmine and rose, chili chocolate, rosemary and thyme and white chocolate and cardamom, you will learn how to make fabulous chocolates to suit any taste. There are also recipes for a range of dairy-free chocolates and a collection of chocolates that even the youngest children can help to make. With chapters on the history of chocolate as well as a comprehensive section covering ingredients and equipment and techniques such as melting, tempering, making molds and gift-wrapping your chocolates, this is the perfect book if you want to dazzle your friends and family with delicious chocolate gifts.

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Making Artisan Chocolates

Making Artisan Chocolates by Andrew Garrison Shotts

Forget milk chocolate molded into childish candy bars. Today's chocolate candies use chocolates with high cocoa content and less sugar then previously available and are molded into highly decorated pieces of art. Once only accessible to pastry chefs and candy makers, home cooks can now purchase high-end domestic and imported chocolates in their local specialty stores. The recent availability of bittersweet chocolates coupled with our access to a global food market and unique ingredients has created an increased interest in artisanal chocolates. Drew Shotts has been at the forefront of this renaissance because of his daring use of unique flavor combinations not typically associated with chocolates, such as chili peppers, maple syrup, and spiced chai tea. Making Artisan Chocolates shows readers how to recreate Drew's unexpected flavors at home through the use of herbs, flowers, chilies, spices, vegetables, fruits, dairies and liquors.

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Created by Sam B.

El Chocolate

El Chocolate por Enrico Medail y Marie Gosset

Este libro nos explica como utilizar el chocolate en pasteles, dulces, pastas y otras golosinas. Todo un placer para los golosos.

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Pasión por el Chocolate

Pasión por el Chocolate por Annalisa Strada

Historia del chocolate. Sabrosas recetas

El chocolate, auténtica «dulzura» ancestral, forma parte de muchos postres y golosinas. Este apreciado ingrediente le permitirá elaborar recetas que harán las delicias de su familia y amigos... El libro que tiene en sus manos le ofrece una selección de postres en los que el chocolate es protagonista. En sus páginas se desvelan también los secretos para realizar tartas, mousses, cremas y pasteles cuyo ingrediente principal es el chocolate, y se proporcionan consejos prácticos y precisos para que pueda elaborarlos con la seguridad de que van a ser un éxito. Descubrirá también en este libro sabrosos platos salados, refinados y fáciles de preparar, que cuentan con el chocolate como ingrediente esencial para destacar otros sabores.

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Creado por Sam B.