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Indoor Fall Activities: Science Experiments

As the weather is cooling down, here collection of books about indoor activities that are fun for the whole family!

Chemistry, Biology, and More

Electronics and Robotics

Science Safety

Make sure there is always parent supervision.

Keep area well-ventilated.

Keep small children away from materials.

Use gloves and eye protection when necessary.

Be very careful around chemicals and open flames.

Don't eat or drink in the working area.

Cover surfaces with plastic to minimize mess.

Read all instructions carefully and thoroughly before starting.

Depose of all waste appropriately.

Stay safe and have fun!

Ways to Learn Science

Some kids are all about science! They love to learn how the world works and what makes things tick. Science experiments are a great way to learn and demonstrate concepts, and can involve the whole family! With some supplies, a bit of patience, and teamwork, you can make amazing things!